Animation Overrides

I’ve been working on improvements in my entire set of animations, from gestures to poses to the various animation overrides I use. Actually, I own ten AOs: Huddles, ShyGirl, Geisha, Risque, Sine Wave, M&P and so forth.

I learned the hard way that you can’t buy an AO and expect that it will really be what you want. I learned that to have the kind of AO that represents the way you stand and move and behave, you have to build it. And I’ve built three AOs for myself, and a freebie for women (in my Freebies for Newbies) and am working on one for men. Mostly I use the ZHAO engine for individual AOs and HUDDLES for all kinds of things including my dances.

If you don’t really understand animations, AOs, HUDs, attachements, poses, gestures and the like, I recommend that you make a trip over to the M&P Information Center in Rutz (btw, thanks Beau for finding this place ages ago) and take the tour on the ground floor. You follow the wall cards and it will explain the basics of all these tools and features, plus there are 8 boxes of free poses (each literally packed… a must have). I own several of their products, but for my AOs I used poses from all over.

This is one of the posters at the M&P store.

Here’s a tip. I’ve discovered that some vendors who sell poses and animations will take those poses out of freebies and include them in their own collection. They’ll mix them in with their L$100 or L$200 poses. Of course, most avies don’t spend all the time I do studying these things, so it’s worth the convenience to just buy the poses from a vendor that has a good selection to chose from.

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