Piper’s Rez Day Party

He’s the guy who wailed on my butt at my rez day, Piper Picnic. So, I was delighted to see that Axe Nitely was gonna be spinning for Piper’s rez day. It meant, Axe’s special chair might be there. The place was the The Distillery. The theme was Hippy, but of course, that was all before my time or anybody else’s time. Kia and Luci are great party planners and they had everything from VW vans to lava lamps, it was Flower Power.

Piper arrived fashionably late, but after the greetings he was laying over the chair.

Kia was first in line and she hits hard, but Piper didn’t budge. I was next and I nearly broke my wrists on that fanny, but not even a whimper.

That’s Ellia spanking Piper’s cute fanny. And the procession continued.

Miss Luci was smiling and spanking away.

Kia danced and pranced around her big birthday fella. Kia’s outfit was adorable but she was dancing around so fast I couldn’t get a good shot of her… Speed?

It was a cool crowd, a great place and a fun party.

Strat, Ellia, Pern, Hearts, Kathee, FireZen, Moss, Zenna, Data, Gala, Indy, Kellieah, Ice, Morgan, Darian, Lexxie, Gin, Harlow, Suzie, Tippy, Steal, Gunny, Carly, Ali, Darr, at least one completely befuddled noob and god only knows whoelse was there!

I was enjoying myself immensely, now that I was no longer the only one to be publicly humiliated in that darn spanking chair.

Ok, it’s a gauze dress, flowers in my hair, the whole hippy deal… I even said, “groovy” and “far out” and “out of sight”.

Unfortunately, I had one more event to attend before the evening ended, the Blues Brothers for Autism concert. It’s always feast or famine when it comes to parties, even had to pass on Bradley’s big formal affair.

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