Gardening Issues

This morning I’ve become aware of the botanical deficiencies of my Japanese garden. I like the beautiful garden I’ve created, but there are certain representative plants and flowers that I feel should be part of my garden. I think this is mostly a shopping issue. hehe. In addition, when I purchased my bamboo, I didn’t realize that greener versions of the bamboo plants (I’m referring to the stalks) were available. In a real bamboo forest there would be endless acres of green bamboo (like in the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). I’m not sure what to do about this though, still mulling the issue.

This photo of the Japanese Garden in Seattle. If you compare this garden, you’ll see where some of my inspirations came from. There are several plants and flowers I’ll try to find in-world.

I’m still working on the improved lake house for the pond to the western side of the garden. The new structure has more space with a large opening onto the pond. I’m thinking this can be more of a casual place to visit and relax, than the tea house with it’s formal layout for the tea ceremony. I’ll try to deploy the new house this week.

Working in the garden has become a real learning experience. When I began my first garden almost two years ago, I had no in-world skills and no concept of what was available for purchase. In fact, many items I have today weren’t available when I began and I assume that I’ll need to keep an eye out for new products and technologies well into the future.

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