Living For The Weekends

I didn’t do anything in the real world this weekend. hehe. Well, I worked on the yard a bit, but I spent a huge amount of time in-world. This is veery skeery. do du do duu, do du do duu…. Anyway, this is a journal and I’m going to ramble a bit this morning about the things I did this weekend. Readers beware, this will not have much entertainment value.

On Friday, I had my hosting gig with Ziffy Zarf at Shorty’s. We had a good crowd for the first part of the show, but as the Brits drifted off to bed and the USA crowd was getting off from work our patrons faded away. Nonetheless, it’s always fun working with the Ziffmeister.

Later in the evening, I had a date with a friend. We went out dancing at a formal ballroom and had a great time. I love getting dressed up and going to a nice ballroom (like most women I have so many unused evening gowns). So, no problem here and it beats most of the real lfie nightlife in this little town where I live.

On Saturday, I did some work in my real life garden but spent much more time continuing the work on my Second Life garden. I had an idea of how to resolve the problems I have with my Rock Garden/Zen Garden. I worked for hours on this but had to undo the damage I had done as afternoon began to turn into night. Nonetheless, I had found an intriguing alternative and would be working on it more.

In the evening, it was Miss Luci time at Junkyard Blues. I slipped in through the back because I was in a kind of mello mood. I tried to hide out but before long I was swept right into the action. I’ve sait many times, Lucinda Bergbahm has a great show and it is one of the events I look forward to each weekend. Leanna was still out spending her rez day gift certificates but when she’d had enough shopping she joined me. We hung out till Miss Luci’s show ended and Clairede Drival’s concert. The concert was great and drew a crowd on JY & JYS, over 90 peeps although some of the crowd were at the Cove. Here’s a couple photos from the concert.

The concert goers arrived as the sun was beginning to set.

Claire’s is one of the best of many unique entertainers that Dina has found for the Saturday night concerts.

After the show I stayed up way late, till 2am working on the garden some more. I chatted with Mat about an idea I have for making the Western Pond are into an intimate dinner club. I know that there are a few dinner clubs in SL, but I’m thinking that this might be more of a dream than a practical reality.

Sunday rolled in and I crawled out of bed, stumbled toward the coffee machine and managed to get the life saving fluid brewing. I worked in my RL yard till after noon then made the leap across space and time, back in-world. I took the mess I had made in the garden the night before and setup over at my sandbox. Then I worked on Inventory for several hours, but you can only take so much work on Inventory before you grow tired and I did. So, I took a nap.

I overslept and when I returned to SL, Leanna was here. She’d been shopping but we needed to have one of our long girl chats. I wonder if guys ever just sit down and chat with each other? Hmmm. Anyway, as we chatted, I shot some photos of us in the Hut on the Pond (that’s what I’m officially calling it now). Following are some shots.

We began chatting while the day was still bright.

Naturally, we talked about Mentone. Leanna is very happy with this relationship and it shows.

As we talked, I began feeling that my latest boredom syndrone may have passed. This time I worked my way through.

As the Sun went down, Leanna needed to head back to the real world. So, we said our goodbyes.

Again, I turned my attention to that ever troubling Zen Garden of mine. This time I had a clear idea of what must be done. And once again, I stayed up so late. However, I have great news about that pesky garden feature. More on that later today.

Before I forget, I’ve joined the Second Life Bloggers Network. If you have a moment, take a look, it’s really cool and unlike the Bloggers Catalog, it’s strickly Second Life blogs.

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