Junkyard Photostudy

Junkyard Blues has undergone some amazing changes in recent weeks, and yet the things that really make the Junkyard what it is are still there: Junkyard Blues dance area and Bar, The Marina, Houseboats, Trailers, The Drive-in, Gas Station, The No Tell Motel, Shops on the Bayou and so much more. On Sunday, I did a photostudy o the changes.

I decided that the Junkyard really becomes a wonderland, especially when the Sun goes down. So, I shot all these photos after dark. Maybe you need to be born in the South to really have these sights and sounds and smells sered into your brain. I was born in the South and the JY really strikes a chord within me, and I feel very comfortable and even at home when I’m hanging out there. (BTW, just click on the photos for a full screen view.)

Ah, the Drive In! Why-oh-why has this type of motion picture theater become obsolete? Well, Dina and I have some plans for a real movie nite (coming soon).

Before Junkyard Blues South, concerts used to be held at the beach, west on the main sim.

That’s a view of the Junkyard bar and dance floor in the upper left. The Drive-In is to the right.

That’s a shot of the Dixie Gasoline Station and just beyond, The No Tell Motel.

Here’s the fabulous shopping area, sitting alongside the bayou. Down at the end of the shops is The Cove Club.

When I first started visiting the Junkyard, I never left the dance area. The truth is, there are many little nooks and crannies just waiting to be discovered all over the JY and JY South. Anyway, this is just a sample of the 16 photos I shot, you can find the others on my Flicker.com site

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