Congratuations Mr. & Mrs. Inglewood

Wow! Yesterday, June 24th, one of my closest friends married a wonderful man. Darrin Inglewood married my dear friend Magi McBride in what was the most amazing wedding ceremonies and receptions I’ve seen. I’ve only known Darrin for a short time, but I’ve already discovered that he is a kind man with great sense of humor. Oh! And he’s a hunk (nice catch Magi, hugzzz).

Magi and Darrin taking their vows. Yes, that’s LeLe on the left (/me waves at LeLe… hehe).

Darrin and Magi, husband and wife.

The wedding party, simply beautiful: bridesmaid Leanna, Magi, Darrin and his best man, CaptainBlackBeard.

My friend Jon Harlow accompanied me to the wedding. It was the first time I had seen him all dressed up. hehe.

(/me winks at Jon) Hey Jon, you clean-up nicely. hehe.

It was a beautiful wedding with a close group of friends of the bride and the groom. And the reception party was a blast with DJ Irongut MacAllister’s amazingly romantic selection of songs. I met Magi at a “hat party” in the Summer of 2007, and we’ve been friends ever since. I’m very happy for her. Congratulations Darrin, you have got a great gal. Hugzzz Magi, you have a fantastic man. But most of all, congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Inglewood!


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