Saturday, Week Three

Jon & I have been partnered for three weeks… yay! So, on Saturday morning we were racing around to stores looking at this and that for the house. With the sudden wealth of prims we are both rapidly finding new ways to use them. I took a shot of our villa at sunrise.

The water and rocks have added a lot to both the outside and inside views.

Later, in the early afternoon we attended the geisha show at the SL Opera House. I wore a kimono from Milky and Jon wore the attire of Chinese emperor. The production was staged by my former onesan, Masumi Manamiko and the geisha of the Little Yoshiwara Okiya. It was a characteristic show with beautiful color, great music, perfect dancing and wonderful stories and poems. I took a few photos but they don’t really capture the amazing theater or the performance.

That’s Geisha Masumi, 3rd from the left (click on photo for better view). I noticed also that Geisha Yoneyu has been made the Mesume of the okiya, a perfect choice.

In the evening, I had a great chat with LeLe on the patio of the villa. It has been awhile since we had time to just hangout, and I’m hoping this will be a prelude of things to come. I didn’t get a shot of us, but here’s one of the patio.

This is a view of the patio from the bedroom roof.

When Jon returned in the evening, we continued our quest for new things for the house. Jon bought two more chairs to complete a beautiful sofa set for the bedroom. Jon was also interested in turning our wine cellar into a dance floor. The cellar is huge and can easily accommodate 40 peeps, but for now we are holding on that idea.

As the night rolled in, Jon and I spent some time just lounging around on our new French sofa set. It was a perfect end to an enjoyable day. And yes, I’m still crazy about this man. /me smiles

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