More Changes At The Villa

Oh my! That man of mine is something special… hehe. In order to understand what Jon has done, you have to consider that until three weeks ago he had never had his own SL home. He never saw the point in it, I mean, paying for virtual land? Well, not only has he bought land and built a home, but he’s acquiring more and more prim-intensive furnishings. The furnishing of our great room has gone thru a major change in the past day. Only a picture can show the difference.

This is a photo from last night, but it is still being improved as of this morning.

I’ve been busy too. I did some preliminary landscaping at the ground level, and have been tweaking things all over the house. We’ll prolly start inviting friends over this week. Here’s a photo I took at night. I think it captures the beauty of the surrounding rocks and breaking waves.

I think night is the best time of all at the villa. Jon prefers constant sunshine tho, but I believe the villa can suit both tastes.

Working with Jon, creating this home together has been a really enjoyable experience for me. I’ve had a theory that building together is one of the actions that can create real bonds between SL couples. The process puts us at odds with each other at times, as we express our different tastes, but I’m finding it very easy to reach compromises with Jon. I think we’ve both learned a lot more about building from one another as well.

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