The Meandering Pond

I’ve talked about The Meandering Pond before, but I’ve never described it and why it’s so important. For one thing, I never intended to create an extended pond when I first terraformed my garden, but when a 1200sqm plot opened up directly behind the existing garden I saw a chance to expand the forest. At first I extented the existing pond into a stream that went behind the forest into the new land, and this led to that and I had a system of ponds.

The Meandering Pond has a nice ring to it I think; it evokes Zen-like notions of flowing water finding it’s way along a circuitous route. The Meandering Pond was really a feature that evolved and was never planned. And naming the pond was a process of discovery as well. Since the beginning of the pond, I’ve wondered where the fresh blue waters came from, so this weekend I created a bubbling source of fresh water being fed by and underground river.

See the churning, active water just beyond the boulders? That’s the source of fresh waters.

I began working on the current version of my garden about nine months ago, after moving it from next door, Gyaltsen. Each week, I seem to find new details that need to be added. I can’t explain the process, things just reveal themselves to me. The source of my ponds had been on my mind for many months. I had considered a waterfall, but still it would need a source; also, a waterfall is beautiful but not necessarily serene. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the garden today.

Last night, Leanna and I sat in that secret hut in the Retreat area. We talked and talked as we do so often. We never run out of topics to discuss. Yesterday, I had moved the lovely set of chimes LeLe had given me to a spot just across from the hut. The sounds were so lovely, chimes, crickets, birds and the flowing waters of The Meandering Pond.

LeLe and me just talking in the beautiful Summer night along The Meandering Pond.

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  1. Hugs Yordie….Love your blog.


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