Breast Cancer Awareness

Last night, Blissie Boucher and The Savoy held a Date Auction for Breast Cancer Awareness. Blissie began organizing this last week and as soon as I got her notice I wanted to participate. I consider charitable work to be one of the activities that truly transform Second Life into something more than a playground. And helping to fight cancer through fundraising is a cause near and dear to my heart.

The event was well attended with nearly 50 peeps by my count. Naturally, Crighton Johin was the fab master of ceremonies. And Kimala Kohime and Savoy’s talents and regulars were all there. Aynnie Tomsen & Hart Beck donated products from AHA Designs. Parker Janick also donated the services of her pub. Blogger Joonie Jatho was there as well as a half-dozen other bloggers (Blissie, Cri, Parker, Aynnie, LeLe and me), maybe more. And there were avies I haven’t seen in awhile like Borday Moo, Darrin Inglewood, Greger Korobase, Jenna Jefferies and so many others.

That’s Crighton on the platform being auctioned. Leanna is in that fab champagne color dress front left.

That’s Froggie and me in the lower right, dancing and having a wonderful time.

This was one of those evenings that evolved from one of hoping for good results to an event with a growing sense that the contributions would be significant, as they were. I don’t have the final figure, but when I left it was over L$120,000 (~US$500) for all the fundraising activities.

Each auction had its’ own excitement and intrigue, with some surprise bids and last second winning bids. I even tried to get a piece of Crigton’s cute butt, but got priced out by other enthusiastic ladies. hehe. Naturally, I enjoyed Darrin and Froggie as they bid against each other for Leanna and me. Love you guys!!

Thank you Blissie for organizing this fundraiser! And thanks to all the ladies who took the risk and put yourselves up for auction. Speaking from my experience in other auctions, it takes courage for any woman to be in an auction, no matter how much self-confidence she has. This event was an opportunity for us to show our commitment and to make contribution of ourselves. Hugzzz girlfriends!! And hugzzz to the guys who showed their love!!

That’s Darrin with his prize, Leanna dancing on the left. And there’s Froggie and his prize, me dancing on the right.

It was an wonderful evening for Froggie and me. We haven’t dated in a long time, but when the event came up I immediately thought of him and asked him to be my escort. Yes, Froggie and I have had a turbulent relationship at times but I’ve always liked being with Froggie because he is fun loving and a real gentleman, and that’s how it was last night. And we revived our friendship in many ways. Hugzzz Froggie!

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1 Response to Breast Cancer Awareness

  1. Bliss says:

    I love it! I'm late in replying – but thank you! I really appreciate your volunteering for the auction and taking part. 🙂 Love ya!Bliss


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