Last year, Ayn Tomsen & Hart Beck created a cool haunted house. This year they have taken their haunted house up to a whole new level. Yesterday, I took a tour of the new house and as you would expect I snapped some photos. What I didn’t do is take photos of the special surprises you’ll find at each station along the path.

You know him and love him. He’s the gigantic marsh mellow man with a bad attitude! lawdy, lawdy

The sun was going down rapidly as I approached the dark and dreary looking mansion, I had a hunch that it was totally haunted. hehe

Sure enough, there were ghosts waiting for me as soon as I entered the house! But I pretended that I wasn’t skeert. They come after you if you look skeert.

Aha! A nice little park to walk thru. It even had fun things to do, like a comfy bed to rest and an electric chair to help you wake up.

I was singing, “The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell…” and then they turned on the juice and my sense of well being sank to an all time low. hehe

There were many, many surprises in that house, things I’m didn’t photograph because I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun. However, I will tell you this, you will encounter tricks and treats at almost every twist and turn.

And, of course, Aynnie was there to bid me goodbye after my afternoon wandering thru her home. hehehe (she’s gonna kill me for this)

Stop hanging around and get on over here.

I swear, I’ve left out photos of all the really skeery stuff. They are waiting for you inside.

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2 Responses to Skeeeerrry

  1. omg Yordie.. you are right…… this is a MUST SEE landmark. I know I will be going back cos i probably missed so much….such details to everything.HugzLeanna


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    Yeah Lele… I was amazed and had a lot of fun in there. I deliberately left several things unexplored so I can do it with friends on Halloween. Yay Aynnie & Hart. It's a home run.


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