Skeeery Toooooo

Thor Effingham is _a drummer in a rock and roll band_ (to the sounds of Moody Blues), and he is a builder. And he has a wild sense of humor. Yesterday, I went over to see Thor’s exhibit at The Haunted Factory, a Halloween themed competition for builders on the Dreams sim. The Factory is a massive complex and housed several dozen exhibits (Thor’s is in the second hall, #17). Here are some photos I shot inside.

Yes, there was a Little Shop of Horrors.

And there were eeery scenes.

Then I came upon Thor’s non-OSHA compliant industrial stamping facility.

It seemed relatively nonthreatening, then I clicked on the pumpkin to see if there was a treat. No treat, not just yet, it was Thor’s idea of funny. lawdy, lawdy

Eeeeewwwwwweeeee! There were several onlookers as I was getting crushed, they were forming a line to get in on the fun. hehehe

It was another fun Halloween spot. And, yes, Thor does give you a lovely gift after enduring the punishment of his crushing machine. Hugzzz Thor. If you to over there, be sure to go all the way to the back of the factory to vote for Thor’s exhibit.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed getting squished! And there IS a treat – you just get it *after* the ordeal…. if you survive!


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