Aynnie & Hart’s Halloween Party

It was Sunday afternoon when Ayn Tomsen & Hartigan Beck threw their annual Halloween party. The party took place on the roof of their haunted mansion and as you would expect, there was a great crowd. Fiery Otaared was scheduled to spin her great tunes, but she had equipment problems. Fortunately, a Zombiefied Ziffy Zarf (right) was there with his collection of ancient Halloween songs and the party began.

Our hosts: Homer (Hart) with his terrifying, insatiable donut eating mouth, and Marge (Aynnie) with her frightening blue hairdo from the netherworld.

As with all of Ayn & Hart’s party, they had a fantastic group of people and the costumes were just wild.

That’s Liss and LeLe. I should have gotten a close up on LeLe because you can’t see here fangs with the dripping blood.

That’s me on the left, the skeery Geisha Witch.

This is Tippy & Steal or Steal & Tippy. I’m looking at the hips but can’t tell them apart really.

It was another fun party with Aynnie & Hart. And if you haven’t checked out their Haunted House, there’s still time. I’ll be putting more photos up on my Flickr page.

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  1. Hey Yordie…….You are right, it was fun. Ayn and Hart do an amzing job with their Haunted House each year.. but this one is the best in SL. It is a "must see"Hugzz


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