The Realm

A couple weeks ago while I was travelling the roads of the Satrori continent, I came across a unique and well designed sim, the Realm of the Sanguinus Cruorem. It’s the the kind of place I wouldn’t have found thru my usual routine. Aside from active vampires running around biting visitors, I’m not sure what happens here, however there are some amazing places to explore and some beautiful inland landscaping.

You arrive in the marketplace area, and be sure to pick up your Observer tag. The tag will protect you from the vampires that lurk and roam.

There are many dark places within the Realm, but when the Sun comes out there are forest trails with beautiful landscaping.

My favorite place was the tavern, a cozy place with lots of seating, fireplaces, food, beverages and feeling of safety from the vampires (altho I’m not sure it’s actually save). hehe

There are also many skeery places here and one of them is this arena with blood pools in the center. I shudder to think of what goes on here.

Ok, ok, ok… I’m not into this torture stuff, but I know there are a lot of you out there. I did get caught in a cage while snooping around tho. hehe

And there are really, really dark places like the castle down the trail.

If you have never travelled the roads on the mainland continents, you will never know that you are missing out there. Yes, there is a lot of junk along those roads but since the Linden’s have banned ad farms, the roads on Satori continent are much nicer. And every once in awhile you fine a gem like The Realm of the Sanguinus Cruorem.

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