The Castle Geisha Show

My former onesan, Geisha Masumi Manamiko is one of the most imaginative and skilled producers of geisha shows in Second Life. Her hallmark is a strong underlying theme, attention to detail and flawless execution. Yesterday, she produced a show at the Japan Shubu theater (part of the Hosoi Ichiba sim complex) and featuring the Nananoshima Okiya geishas. The show commemorated the opening of the Matsumoto Castle.

Here are the program notes: “Japanese castles are beautiful & filled with history. In the 15th century the country had fallen into the chaotic era of warring states. Dozens of small independent states were fighting each other & small castles have been built on top of mountains. A century later a central authority has been established over Japan & larger castles built in plains. They served as a region’s headquarters & centers of castle towns. They consisted of 3 rings of defense. The impressive Matsumoto Castle is typically one of them. Today Matsumoto is an important scenic place in Japan & many festivals are held there throughout the year.”


The theater is staged as the site of a battle. The performers include okaasan Toshiha, Akiko, Isabella, Kai, Jade, Starmoon and Masumi.

The show begins with okaa Okassan Toshiha telling the story of the types of Japanese castles and what the strategy was for each type.

Next, maiko akiko (my former imouto or little sister) told the story of the legendary female warrior, Tomoe Gozen.

And finally, Isabella took us on a tour of the great Japanese castles and the role they’ve played in history and culture.

The theater was located across the latest addition to the Hosoi complex and when seen in the setting of the surrounding sims, this is one of the most amazing sites in all of Second Life.

The castles looms over the theater in the night.

Here is a photo I shot during the daylight before the show. I also toured the castle and encourage you to do so.

If you’ve never attended a classic geisha show, they include music, dancing and story telling. Typically, they last for one hour, so always arrive on time.


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