Strat’s Rez Day Partay

Wednesday was Straton Tigerpaw’s rez day, the big TWO!! hehe. And Miss Luci made sure everything was perfect for her husband’s party. There was a fabulous Wintery playground. Really great classic rock tunes. And all the right people including couples Magi & Dillon, Kiff & Dina, Ellia & Derwin and dozens of others coming and going as the party skated by, rocked and rolled on. And of course, my gal pal Leanna was there in her cuteness. hehe

Henry and I tried the skating for awhile but were easy targets for snowballs, so we just danced and pranced in between Henry crashing.

Henry was my date again. It has been fun partying again and especially fun hanging with Henry as I wade back into this second life of mine. I’m learning how to take SL a little slower. Many people that I’ve met in SL tell me to take things slow and instinctively I’ve known that’s true, but it’s hard to do.

Happy Rez Day Strat !!

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