Hosting @ Junkyard Blues

Woooo Hoooo !!

Last night I hosted for Lucinda Bergbahn at Junkyard Blues. It was Saturday night and it was the Miss Luci Show, and I had a great time. I just hope I did a credible job. It’s no secret that I attend the show almost every week, but hosting is a different slant. For one thing, a lot of people come and go thru the club on any given night, and we had between 40 and 50 guests there all night. With that many guests your brain has to actaully work to remember who is coming and going and returning, prolly 100 peeps or more. It was great fun and a personal thrill for me. I’ve hosted at JY a couple times, but this was a full three hours in the Big Time!

Left to right, Bluto & Gala, Luci on the podium, and me getting down
Nearly fifty peeps dancin’, prancin’ and romancin’
Hosting is work but it’s also fun and I hope to do it some more.

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