Bradley @ Hotlanta

Bradley Gavoz has got this DJ thing going strong. He plays blues and a wide range of other genres and I’ve enjoyed catching his shows during the past year. Last night was on or about the one year anniversary of Hotlanta and Bradley was there with his hostess Big Tiratzo, doing his thing, rockin’ and carrying on. hehe As always, Is Salas was there too making sure everything runs smoothly. I shot some cool photos.

I thought this was a cool shot of Hotlanta, tucked away in some cyber-industrial section of Atlanta.
I thought this was a hot shot of Bradley with the band in the background. Looking good Bradley.
Hotlanta is also one of Leanna’s favorite places seeing as she lives in Atlanta. I think it’s a good idea to have clubs based on real life locations. There’s a lot of Georgia folks that love blues. Even I have a connection to real life Georgia.

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1 Response to Bradley @ Hotlanta

  1. Brad says:

    Thank you for coming and for the compliments! Such a sweetie you are Yordie!Hugs and a smooch on the cheek!


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