Vegas Night @ Junkyard Blues

Last night, Junkyard Blues did Vegas! Yeah Baby! And the Dreamgirls showed up in their amazing showgirl costumes, feathers flying in the breeze.  There was Luci in her stunning purples & black, Ellie and Twink in startling white, Dina and Tippy in electrifying peacock feathers and even me in pink. There were dresses to drool over, like the gowns worn by Carly, Lacey, BellaRose and many more. And there were hot sexy Vegas Baby outfits, like Leanna’s and sooo many others. The guys were looking mighty sharp too with shoutouts to Kiff, Derwin, HKM, Steal, Darrin, Gunny and there other gangsters, pit bosses and high rollers.

Plumage was everywhere on the dancefloor as the Dreamgirl Showgirls danced and pranced
Dina engulfed in her gorgeous peacock feathers, me on the left in my pink feathers and Miss Luci on the podium in her stunning purple and black.
Tippy in her own set of peacock feathers, and that’s Steal in there somewhere. 

Miss Luci has another great show with tunes that were so right! At the peak we had sixty people dancing and carrying on at the Yard. The Vegas theme had an infectous quality to it and I found myself getting more and more carried away with my own feathers fluttering in the breeze. When the Miss Luci Show was over, ArorA Chaborne was back at Junkyard Blues South for one of her breathtaking concerts.

It’s ArorA Chaborne on stage with her rich, emotion filled voice with it’s unique range.
A lot of JY Dawds have been missing ArorA in her one-month absence, and they showed up bigtime for her concert.
Ok, ok, ok… I couldn’t resist the opportunity to hop up on stage and strut my stuff while Arora performed.
ArorA has been missed and when she arrived for her show a new wave of JY friends arrived inclucing her longtime friend JohnD, Magi & Dillon and many, many more. This was the first Saturday night concert at the Junkyard in over a month and toward the end of her set Arora demonstrated her incredible vocal range by singing a Tom Jones song in Tom Jones’ voice. Yes, she immitated his voice and in RL concerts she does this dressed as TJ himself, sock stuffing and all.  hehehe
It was a musical and visual evening and I for one am in love with my new feathers.

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