Kiff & Dina’s 3rd Anniversary

If you live in Second Life, you know that a relationship that last for more than a year is unusual and a relationship that lasts two years is rare. Well, last Saturday was Kiff & Dina’s third anniversary and that is simply amazing! It is even more amazing when you consider that they aren’t married to each other in real life. In fact, Kiff & Dina have never met in real life. Not only are they a wonderful couple, but they’ve created one of the most unique and popular experiences in all of SL at Junkyard Blues.

There is a charming article about Kiff & Dina’s romance in this weeks Second Life Times, it’s called “Junkyard Man and Trailer Park Woman.” Following is a quote from the Times article, it’s Kiff talking about online relationships, “Online relationships are as real as anything else we undertake. People who disparge them are advertising their lack of imagination and understanding of the human condition. Second Life relationships are not just ‘bunch of pixels’ or ‘make believe.’ People form relationships in any medium that allows them express who they are and attract a kindred spirit. It isn’t living in the same house that makes a relationship sublime; it is the sharing of oneself and the respect, affection and love that each brings to the other, no matter where they are located.”

On Saturday night, the evening was about love in the air and honoring the people who made Junkyard Blues the place we all love. I shot a few photos of the happenings.

Dina & Kiff dancing to a packed house honoring their anniversary.
Over 80 attended at one point when you count people on both sims.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Kiff & Dina !!

If you don’t have a copy of Second Life Times, send me an IM and I’ll send you a copy, it’s a good read.

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