The Doll Show

I always enjoy the geisha shows produced by Masumi Manamiko. And Saturday the Nakanoshima Okiya where she is a geiko, performed The Doll Show. This show revolved around the theme of Japanese Girl’s Day and the Doll & Peach Blossom Festival. To truly understand the show, you need to understand the importance of dolls in the Japanese culture. In the past, dolls were meant to ward off evils spirits but today they are part of the fabric of the Japanese culture.

The show was held at a new theater on the Japan Kanto sim, part of the Hosoi Ichiba sim group. There were performers including Starmoon Yakubu, Toshiha Magi, Josiane Llewellyn, Masumi Manimiko and Akiko Omizu. The story tellers were Starmoon, Josiane and okaasan Toshiha and they unfolded the culture of the doll. Following are some photos from the show.

A miniture on the theater stage.
The lovely geisha and apprentice geisha perform.

The Nakanoshima Okiya is one of the performance centerpieces of Hosoi Ichiba. Also, there are many new developments like a new theater and this year’s machinima contest has begun. I’ve said it many times, checkout this amazing sim group.

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