Stevie Ray Vaughn Concert

My friend Thor Effingham is a member of Lightening Productions (at Nostrallia) and he’s been performing in their tribute bands for two years I think. Anyway, on Sunday the Lightening’s newest band was making it’s debut and it was Stevie Ray Vaughn. WooHoo! SRV!

The band was performing at The Riverside, a club I’d been to before but this time it was all decked out with a major performance stage. The club is nestled into a cozy little town near the railroad tracks and river. Here’s a skycam view of the club.

Pretty cool little town, huh?

Shortly after I arrived I noticed that the place was packed so I checked stats and there were 50 avies packing the place. And I chatted up Thor back stage. Thor is always a fun guy and always is looking for the humor in things. So, we bantered a bit, had a few giggles… then the show began!

Very cool opening!

Here’s the band list: GeorgeRoger Wisent as SRV; Tight Whiteberry as Tommy Shannon (Guitar); Thor Effingham as Chris Layton (Drums); Coz Okelly as Johnny Reno (Sax); and Mate Darkfold as Reese Wynans (Keyboard).

Left to right: Johnny, GeorgeRoger, Tight. Back: Thor, Reese.
Oh yeah!!  GeorgeRoger as SRV!!
OH BABY!! Thor on Drums!!

It was a fun concert despite the fact that I didn’t recognize one person other than Thor and Tight, fifty peeps and I only knew two. Late in the concert the sim owners expanded the sim limit to 60 and I beamed in Leanna just as the limit was hit.  This band could fill two sims. /yeehaw

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  1. Crystalrose says:

    Thanks, Yordie, for a great review, so glad you enjoyed it! Lightning Productions has more great entertainment coming up, we are adding new bands all the time. Check out our website for more info: Lightworker


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