Junkyard Socialite Catching Up

Dang, it’s already the weekend and I still haven’t caught up with last weekends activities.

Like last Saturday, Miss Luci was in a naughty mood and wanted to bring that saucy, bawdy feeling into her show at Junkyard Blues. So, we got all gussied up, Luci in a hawt dress that Strat had bought her and me in my pink burleque outfit. It was a great show but I’m sorry to say, I didn’t get any photos.

I crashed several times on my way to the club, I got flustered and forgot to shoot any photos. The only photo I have from the show was shot by Thor (thanks & hugzzz).

On Sunday night, it was the second of the Blues for Autism events and the theme was On Blue Bayou. Checkout the BFA2010 blog for info about the event. Anyway, I was decked out in my Southern threads including my Setson.
Oh yeah, that’s a Stetson!
On Monday evening, it was Ellia’s 3rd Rez Day, the big 3! And there was a great party at Ellie’s place. Tone Uriza was performing when I arrived and DJ Aliya followed Tone. It was a great bluesy crowd including Ellie & Der, Dina & Kiff, Luci & Strat, Magi & Dillon, Gala & Blu, Carly & Gunny, Ali & Dar, Clover, Gin, Leanna and many more, even saw JohnD.
That’s Miss Luci, lower right, dancing her way into the party. Hooo!
It was a very long week for me. The whole landscaping biz false start thingie really set me back, but also got me back in touch with the things that are important to me here in SL. I’m glad it’s the weekend because I’ve got some new hair to show off. Yes, I am a showoff. hehe.

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