AM Quar @ Junkyard Blues South

After my gig with Miss Luci, we all headed over to see AM Quar perform again at Junkyard Blues South. There are many live performers in Second Life but when you weed out the ones who can’t carry a tune or who don’t have the right sound equipment, you end up with a whole lot less. And when you start talking about real talent, there are even fewer.

I believe AM Quar is one of the true talents in Second Life. His performances engage you and his wonderful all-man voice with it’s charming Canadian-French accent engulfs you. AM’s song selection shows his obvious love of bluesy music and he can move effortlessly across styles and languages. I’ve become a fan of AM’s and here’s a link to his website.

That’s AM Quar performing, tail and all, on stage at JYB South.

It’s funny but I was a bit perflexed with AM when I first met him. He was noobie and the first question he asked me was, how old are you? This must have seemed important to him because he went on to say, you look very young. hehe and lawdy I hope I look young. I never answered his question and we never became friends, but I truly appreciate his talent.

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3 Responses to AM Quar @ Junkyard Blues South

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    Wow… Long time no see, Mat… hugzzz


  2. Anonymous says:

    It didn't post the first time.BOO!!!M. Deerhunter


  3. Anonymous says:

    BOO!!!M. Deerhunter


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