A Personal Request

As many of you know, I’m involved in the Blues for Austims fundraiser. This is actually my 3rd year of working with the BFA team, mostly in the capacity of being the blogger. However, this year I’m teamed up with Leanna to organize a date auction fundraiser. And I’m pleased to announce that the good people at The Savoy Jazz Club have agreed to host the date auction on April 11th.

I need your help. In order to have a date auction we need to have attractive women and men avatars to volunteer to be auctioned off. I know this may sound a bit risque, but the auction is strictly PG, at The Savoy and lasts only as long as the event lasts. And the main consideration is, the money donated for you will all go to the Blues for Autism fundraiser.

Guys & Girls: Please Volunteer to Be Auctioned for Blues for Autism

I personally have been involved in four previous auctions for charitable causes. Yes, it is a bit scarey wondering if anyone will bid for you, but I guarantee that everyone will get bids. No, none of the auctions I’ve been part of have been degrading in any way. No, I’m not asking anyone who is married or partnered.

The Savoy has had good experience with holding classy date auctions, and last year Leanna and I took part in the date auction for Breast Cancer Awareness where we raised L$120,000 in a single night.

That’s DJ Crighton Johin being auctioned off at The Savoy.
The music was great and couples dancing had a great time.

If you are willing to help please send me an IM and I’ll send you more information about the event. But if you don’t want to volunteer, please consider attending the event and bidding up some of the brave souls who are on the auction stang.

In addition to Leanna and myself, we’ve already recruited Thor Effingham and WT Beck to be auctioned. Thank you guys for stepping up!

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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