Bluzin’ for Dreams

Last Thursday, Thor Effingham’s Bluzin’ for Dreams event was held at The Frontal Lobe in the Dreams Brain sim.  Ok, ok, ok, that’s a lot of things that need explaining all at once. First of all, the Bluzin’ for Dreams event was an evening of entertainment. And The Frontal Lobe is being built by the Dreams Travelers. And the Dreams sim is the place where The Frontal Lobe will permanently reside.

The entertainment was first rate and included the amazing guitarist/singer, JimmyT Dukes, the fantastic blues preacher, srv4u Conacher, and outstanding blues DJ, Raymond65 Docherty. The evening started with peeps pouring in from all over the grid, over 30 all evening by my count. And it rolled on throughout the night as the music got hotter. I’m sorry to say I didn’t get a chance to snap any photos, but Thor’s girlfriend Tahnie Acker snapped the following photo as the party started.

peeps were dancing and yes, there were clouds… thanks LL
(photo by Tahnie Acker)

The purpose of the event was “to raise funds for the Dreams Brain project – a walk through brain to educate and demonstrate brain conditions like autism, strokes, and other disorders”. The brain is being built by the Dreams Travelers and while not fully completed yet, you can see from the above photo and the one below that it is a monumental project.

that’s the dance floor below the brain, to give you an idea of size,
photo by Thor Effingham

Dreams is a support sim, it provides a home and support base for such groups as:

* Shockproof – a group for stroke-survivors, family members, and others interested in stroke/brain attacks.

* The Brigadoon Explorers – a group for those with Asperger Syndrome and autism, parents, and teachers.

* ADD/ADHD Support 2.0. – a group for ADD/HDD individuals, support, and discussion

It was a joyful event and raised L$40,000 toward the support for this sim. I recommend that you take the time to explore this amazing brain sim and learn more about the wonders of the brain and the challenges the brain must overcome.

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