The Auction @ The Savoy

Wow, wow, wow! I’m still reeling in all the experiences from last night’s Dance Auction at The Savoy. 

This is the fifth auction I have participated in. The first one was in 2008. In that auction, my bid had stood in front of the world for weeks at a measly L$500 while other girls bids soared into the tens of thousands of Lindens. It was only at the last minute that my long time friend bid a respectable L$2,000 for me. In the auctions since, I’ve generally placed in the mid-range, but last night I got the high bid for the night, L$28,000. I was stunned but I felt good also, and a bit embarrassed too. hehe.

Quantum Quasimodo was my champion last night with his high bid and I had no idea he was going to do anything like that. Up until a couple weeks ago, I’d only known Q casually at clubs he’d visited where I was hosting, mostly Magi’s clubs. Anyway, we got to know each other and have been enjoying each other’s company here and there. But last night Q simply swept me away! And we danced until late in the evening.

Hugzzz Q!!

Planning this auction was relatively easy because Leanna & I had Blissie Boucher guiding us. Also, Crighton Johin pitched the auction to the owner of the Savoy, and that meant we had a great venue and the amazing Crighton for our master of ceremonies. Even with those big advantages we still had to recruit people and promote the auction. This all made both me and Leanna nervous wrecks!! hehe.

Last night it was show time and almost immediately people poured in, so much so that I completely lost track of who was coming and going. I had at least 100 IMs pour in throughout the evening and between that and trying to hustle bids, wave to people as they came and went, taking photos for the blog and dealing with problems, I was out of my body. I hope friends will forgive me if I didn’t acknowledge comments. The situation was tense, but it was genuinely touching to see such good intentions from people.

This is my personal thanks to the bluesy, jazzy friends who participated in the auction and to my friends who bid or donated. This brings tears to my eyes. Yes, this was a very emotional experience for me.

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  1. H. Nizam says:

    Hello friend,It's good to be back here.I hope that everything is okay with you.Let's keep in




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