Heartbeat and The Blues

Last night I went to the Bluebonnets, Bourbon and Blues fundraiser at the Blues for Autism event site. The show was held near the horse stables, but the music was bluesy with DJ Ange Lemieux spinning the tunes. I hooked up with Q on the couples dance.

It probably sounds wierd, but I rarely get asked to couples dance. It’s true except when I’m hosting and really can’t (/me rolls her eyes). Anyway, I was a little rusty until we started the Heartbeat dance. Magi always has good dances in her Intan, but I had never danced like this before. Heartstings had me grinning as Q and I made the most amazing moves.

Q observed that dances have come along in the past year and I had noticed the same thing with some of the new dances I’d purchased over at Sine Wave. I’m thinking it’s time to do some more upgrading of my dance collection. (note to self: get Heartbeat).

There’s no way that a photo can do justice to the great moves.

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  1. Great post and great moves…Maybe we both need to go shopping for new dance moves.LeLe


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