Little Blue Dress Night

I’m certain that Saturday night is my favorite night of the week. There is always something to plan for and dress for, and to just look forward to. Early in the day a pack of us girls ran over to the Blues for Autism Bazaar and bought the darling little blue dress that had been made special for BFA by sf designs.

When I showed the dress to Luci, she loved it and we raced over to the Bazaar and she got one to wear for her show later in the evening. Magi tp’d in and we immediately started talking about what color shoes to wear, and this was no minor matter because matching this shade of blue was tricy. So, Luci and I jumped on our tps and went shoe shopping, and Luci luvvvvs shopping for shoes. By the time for the show, we all had different colors but we all looked sooo cute.

The Miss Luci Show began with Luci, Magi and me in our little blue dresses but quickly it caught on, first Clover had to have one and while she was racing off to the Bazaar, Tippy arrived in hers. Then Fiery got hers. I’m not sure how many of the girls got one, but several girls asked me for the LM. It became Little Blue Dress night at Junkyard Blues.

I had a great time all evening and when our show ended, we headed to the concert area to listen to Arora Chadborne’s benefit concert. I was pretty tired from hosting (yes, it is exhausting) but was friskie enough to want to dance, but no one seemed to be available. /me’s eyes are sad.

That’s me, standing alone. I rarely ask guys to dance but in SL, so many guys expect girls to ask.

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