Formal Ball… What’s a Na’vi to Wear?

When you are a Na’vi and you go to a formal dance with humans on Pandora Moon, you have to ask yourself what would a real Na’vi wear? Thor and I were invited to the BFA Appreciation Ball at Pandora, but curiously the invitation said, “Formal attire is required”. This last minute wrinkle had Thor and I making quick mods to our normal attire. Here are some photos from last nights ball.

We chose to wear basic black, but Thor had some great colorful designer vests and they really made a statement about what the well dressed Na’vi should wear. We wore shoes too but squeezing our rather big feet into tiny shoes wasn’t so easy.
It was a fashionable ball, but it looked like only Thor and I arrived in full Na’vi regalia. Even sim owner Bella Orsini chose a normal human look. 😉
After the party, Thor and I went down into the forest to shoot a few more shots. I think Thor was as pleased with the way we looked as I was.
One more shot to capture our elegance. hehe

I suppose in some ways, wearing the Na’vi skins and hair and noses and ears is something akin to being a furry. But I think being Na’vi is a different type of experience with the natural elegance and grace of The People coupled with their fierce warrior ways. But if this is akin to being a furry then let this be a turning point for me. I’ve never felt so compelled before, and I hope there are many more events on Pandora Moon.

Note: more on the BFA Appreciation Ball in the BFA blog tomorrow.

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