Wisteria Show @ Hosoi Mura Theater

My second life has been a lot of fun lately. Yay!

Unfortunately this means I’ve been running so fast I haven’t had time to keep up with my blog. Sooo… let me start catching up.

On Sunday, week past, I went to a geisha show at the beautiful kabuki theater on Hosoi Mura (part of the Hosoi Ichiba sim complex). The theme was the Wisteria, a tree that evokes images of the wistful ways of the Japanese garden. The theater is, like all of Hosoi Ichiba, a marvel of Amiyru Hosoi’s building art. And the show was another production of my friend, geisha Masumi Manamiko. Following are a couple photos from the show. 

The entrance to the awesome kabuki theater.
Inside, the audience finds traditional seating. That’s me on the right in my gorgeous “cranes” kimono.
The show begins with breathtaking kimonos, classic dancing and stories about the Wisteria.
The elegance and gracefulness of the geisha is dear to my heart.

The performers included Starmoon, Akiko, Miyako, Josaine and Masumi. Akiko was the first performer and I have a special fondness for her as she was my first imouto (little sister) when I was an apprentice geisha, a Maiko at Little Yoshiwara. It always amuses me because I was Akiko’s onesan (big sister) for only one day before she joined the new okiya at Hosoi Ishiba. I was a bit perturbed at the time, but now it all seems to be just one of the things that makes Second Life so entertaining. hehe. (hugzzz little sister).

It’s unlikely that I’ll ever return to my role as an apprentice geisha. I’ve moved on. But I have fond memories of the training I received and the shows I performed in. Many modern women look on the way of the geisha as some form of servitude or worse, but when you understand the geisha I believe you may find something wonderful in surrendering to the art and the way of the floating world.

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