Junkyard Blues, 4 More Years!!

Junkyard Blues is one of Second Life’s hottest places and it has been a hot spot for four years now. And there’s a reason that JYB is so hot and that is because of Kiff Clutterbuck & Richardina Petty (if you don’t already know, that’s “Dina”).

Last night, Kiff & Dina declared beach party! Oh yeah! And dawgs and dawg ladies came pouring into the beach on the western side of the sim. The party was planned into the regular Saturday night entertainment schedule which began with The Miss Luci Show at 6pm, then AM Quar Concert and closing with DJ Bard Wasp. That evening lineup would be amazing for most clubs on the grid, but the daytime lineup drives home the point.

At 6pm, the announcements were sent out that the Beach Party was on the beach and peeps began pouring out of the DJ Sailin Sharktooth’s set at the JY dance area and heading over to the beach. Earlier in the week, Dina had asked the Junkyard Blues Dreamgirls (a sorority of about 80 girls) to come show their tags — “REAL JYB Dreamgirls” — and the DGs were there in force.

Miss Luci kicks off the show with her hubby Strat leading the cheer
 and handing out free beers. hehe

Miss Luci had a special program that included a great history lesson about The Yard (btw, Dawgs refer to Junkyard Blues as “The JY”, “JYB” and “The Yard”). With each little story, she included a tune that was associated with it.

The Dawgs poured in from the other side of the sim.

Rather quickly the beach was filled with 60 peeps despite the rather heavy lag, making it difficult to walk and even when peeps tp’d it took time for them to rez (notice the unusual amount of gray avs). But the party was on and peeps kept coming.

That’s me and Dina, and if you look to the left of Dina,
 behind her you get a glimpse of Kiff.

I was Luci’s hostess and I tried to position myself where I could welcome arriving guests. The beach was huge and I’m not sure that everyone who arrived heard a greeting. But the party was full on with Luci’s stories and great music, and the crowd just kept coming.

That’s Kiff, front and center leading the dancing.

The party was Full On and everywhere you looked you saw Dreamgirl and Dawg tags. It would take a page to list all the people who came. Once peeps found a spot on the beach they were able to party, but Kiff was concerned about the stats he was seeing and advised us that he’d have the sim rebooted before the next show.

This was about the time I announced, “72 PEEPS ON THE SIM” and I’m told that right after I said that the sim crashed. Lawdy, lawdy — me and my big mouth. But all I knew was that all of a sudden the chat stream stopped and silly me, I didn’t know the sim crashed for several minutes. By the time I made it back, the gang was reassembling at the concert area on JY South.

That’s Dina & Kiff standing next to the abyss that once was Junkyard Blues.

Even after the crash the Dawgs kept returning and Miss Luci continued her set. And once again, more and more Dreamgirls arrived flying their DG tags. Yay Dreamgirls!

It’s amazing how quickly the party restarted after the crash.

The Miss Luci Show paid tribute to many, many of the Junkyard Blues living legends and she said there were many more stories to tell. Next it was the live performance of the SL phenomenon AM Quar with his new band. It was the first time I had seen the new band and it was a dazzling show.

At this point, I need to explain that I was just too distracted by other issues to do more than listen to AM’s wonderful show. In fact, after his show I had to return to real life and missed the final act of the night, Bard Wasp.

FOUR YEARS is a long time in SL and an especially long time for blues clubs that seem to come and go all the time. Congratulations to Kiff & Dina and the many, many people who have created and added to the history of this wonderful club and community!! And if you haven’t taken a tour thru the Junkyard Blues website in recent weeks, then now is the time to do it because there is a lot of new material.

Note: I apologize for not snagging better photos, especially for not getting more closeups of all the great people who attended, but hosting was a fulltime job last night and I was a bit overwhelmed.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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2 Responses to Junkyard Blues, 4 More Years!!

  1. Awesome Event…Awesome music…. and most of all….awesome place. Thanks again Kiff and Dina !!!!!Great post Yordie.Hugz


  2. Dina Petty says:

    We could not do what we do without the support of people like Yordie. Thanks so much to Yordie, Luci, and all the Dreamgirls for making this an event to remember!! On to YEAR FIVE!!!!


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