Luvin’ Saturday Night’s at Junkyard Blues

It started out as the Saturday night before Independence Day at Junkyard Blues, not the “big day”. But Luci, Strat and I arrived early and seeing as Sailin was off celebrating his birthday, there wasn’t anyone scheduled to DJ in his slot. So Luci conjured up a bluesy set, open her show early and we started our gig. And what a set it was! Oh yeah Miss Luci!! And what a great crowd too, many of who were already celebrating Independence Day. DAWGS!!

After the show we all headed over to JY South for a JimmyT Dukes concert. I’ve seen JimmyT before, but for one reason or another I’ve never had a chance to really get into his music. But on Saturday night I was able to catch his show from the start, and without any other goings on to distract. Wow, what a great sound! And I’m now a JimmyT fan for sure.

Here’s a shot of JimmyT& in his sexy black leathers, playing that guitar of his!
And from behind the stage, here’s a photo of the concert crowd.

It was a great night even tho I wasn’t feeling so good. If I haven’t said this before, I love my Saturday nights at Junkyard Blues

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