Second Life Television Stations

During all the ta-do about the Linden Lab restructuring a couple weeks back, I became interested in SL related media, even saw some videos of news broadcasts. One video in particular caught my attention because it was filmed at a studio related to The Metaverse Tribune, namely Metaverse TV (MTV).

A friend of mine, Dex Trenchcoat introduced me to SL television broadcasting last year but like many things I’ve been a slow technology adapter in recent years. But now my curiosity was finally piqued and I’ve began exploring stations including MTV and

My first stop was the spectacular MTV studio citr
Here’s a peep inside one of the MTV studios.

I spent quite a bit of time wandering around the amazing complex, then looked at various videos of recent broadcasts. I found the MTV broadcast following the Linden Lab Restructuring announcement (below). The one thing I didn’t fine was information about how to stream the MTV channels into my inworld television (this means, the information I needed was either right in front of me and I didn’t see it or I downloaded it and haven’t seen it). /me rolls her eyes

I’m sorry to say there wasn’t a soul anywhere on the MTV sim but I suppose that’s makes sense altho I had I had hoped to see the studio bustling with activity. I will try to catch a live news broadcast in the future.

From MTV, I headed over to located on the Tropical Treet sim. Again, I wandered around for awhile but there wasn’t as much to see at Treet as at MTV. Still I got a shot of one of their studios.

That’s me standing in the Metanomics studio.

At I did discover a link for streaming their broadcast. Ok, I haven’t tried this yet inworld, so I don’t know for sure that it works but I am hoping I can flip on my television and catch the latest broadcasts.

A couple years ago I discovered the  Second Life Squares television studio. I don’t even know if it was a for real show or just a mock up but I was really amazed at the notion of television stations in Second Life. I know I’m way behind the curve on learning about SL television, but I feel like I have a new topic to explore.

More on this whole thing later.

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