Cruising The Second Seas

My human took a placement test when she was in her 20s. Her aptitude identified many possible career choices including that of a Geographer. My human found that to be a fascinating pick but did not pursue that path. However, she understood why it showed up in her placement test because she has some kind of attraction to things geographic. And although she’s lost track of many of the African, Baltic and former states of the Soviet Union, she can draw an relatively accurate map of the Earth and identify at least two-thirds of the countries by name. Yay for her.

Friday, I was hopping from Sailors Cove to Nantucket when I opened the main map and remove everything except the map itself. I started zooming out further and further, and I got a great perspective of where things were out in the Second Life seas. As I studied the map I noticed a long object that looked like ship, and it stretched across three entire sims. I simply had to investigate and here is what I found… the SS Galaxy.

It’s truly fills three sims, SS Galaxy.
(photo by Thor Effingham)

Today I was ready to continue exploring and naturally, I couldn’t explore this giant cruise ship without one of my best explorer pals, Thor. Yay Thor. Thor came running and together we explored the ships staterooms. We even looked at the Honeymoon Suite and Thor asked if we’d have to get married to rent it. Btw, the rent is about L$1,000 for 24 hours but when considering the total immersive experience that SS Galaxy offers that seems like a good deal.

That’s me in the lobby area beside a scale model of the ship.
And there are shopping malls, a theater, movie theaters, pools
and everything you’d expect on a cruise ship.

At this point, I’m starting to imagine that it would be cool to book a suite or stateroom on the ship for a week and have a party. You know, a sleepover kind of thing where we hangout in the two story stateroom while maybe having a favorite DJ spin some great tunes. Or maybe, several of us friends get adjoining staterooms and have an even bigger party. Honestly, I was feeling like I was on a real super cruise ship.

In the afternoon, Thor and I returned in our formal attire to dance to Carah Nitely’s wonderful songs.

I want my second life to be amazing and this unique immersive experience was “all that” — it’s THREE SIM long. I’m certain I’ll organize a party here in the coming months. The directors and staff were truly attentive people and it’s easy to feel at ease aboard SS Galaxy. For more info checkout the SS Galaxy website.

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