Green Acres is the Place

“Green Acres is the place for me/ Green Acres where I wanna be/… la lala lala lahhh la la… Take Manhattan, just gemme that country side.” If you’ve ever watched oldie television serials, you know what I’m singing about. hehe

Well, Morton Decosta and Kae Sura have brought Green Acres to Second Life and it ain’t no mismanaged farm, it’s an amazing golf course. I’ve known about it for a couple months but have put off going until today. Wow, I was sure missing out.

First of all, the Romantic Times sim where Green Acres Golf Course is located is beautifully terraformed and landscaped. I visited Morton during the early days before it was a golf course, back when Morton was discovering the joys of terraforming or as he said, “Letting the land show me what it wanted to do.”

Secondly, the golfing has a very realistic feel to it, albeit a simpler experience. I’m no golfer, but I’ve hit a can of golf balls down a driving range a few times in my life. And if you’ve ever done any kind of shoot-em-up vid gaming, you’ll be able to pickup the basics of your golfing strokes and judgements quickly.

That’s me on the first hole, wondering what was going on.
Yay, I sunk my first put and scored 4 over par, on a par 4 hole.
Morton joined me on the 3rd hole and gave me some tips,
and they started to pay off.
 My game started to improve and I started getting a little cocky.

I played a full 18 holes and my back nine was 5 under par. My front nine was a learning experience and we won’t talk about that score. I did some amazing shots and some really ugly ones, even from about 10 meters under the water. It’s a blast and all you have to do to find Green Acres is type “golf” into the Search under the “All” tab. It pops up first on the list.  Go to Green Acres and join the club, get the freebies and have some fun. The club even has tournaments! How good is that!!

Get more information from Morton’s blog.

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  1. Maher Family says:

    Looks like you had a great time!!! Beautiful weather!


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