Whitesnake @ Eden Naturists Resort

It was about 2 minutes after Thor had walked in the door from his week long trip, that he got an IM from Lightening to drum in the Whitesnake tribute band. They were setting up to play at the Eden Naturists Resort (a clothing optional club). I know all this because I was with Thor setting up the fireworks display for the part at Harvest Moon Cafe. Well, Thor headed off on a light beam and I changed up, called LeLe and we headed off to see the concert. Pictures tell the rest.

It was an awesome stage with and awesome band.

Whitesnake consists of Quinten Lovencraft as David Coverdale, Thor Effingham as Brian Tichu, Liam Sands as Timothy Drury, Coz Okelly as Reb Beach and Plato Ninetails as Doug Aldrich. /whoooohoooo

Checkout Quinten Lovencraft doing his Dough Aldrich…
very hawt, huge.
Oh yes, that beez Thor’s bod as he pounds the drums sooo hard…
again and again, pounding. hehe
Yesm, that’s LeLe and me in the front row raging!

Welcome back Thor. It was a fun spontaneous party. And thanks for the photos you took of me getting into the spirit of Naturist Resort. hehe. Sorry, can’t show those here, afterall, this is not an X-rated blog.

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