Bruce Springsteen @ Mango Yacht Club

I love the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. And I love the E Street Band. And Second Life’s Bruce Springsteen tribute band played a concert at Mango Yacht Club on Sunday afternoon. It was another Lightening Productions show and as usual there was a great band including Coz Okelly as Bruce Springsteen, Tight Whiteberry, Thor Effingham and other Lightening performers. And the stage and sets were outstanding.

The stage setup was huge, the band was huge, the crowd was huge.

Ok, ok, ok… it’s known that I love these tribute band shows. It’s known that I’m a Thor groupie (giggle, giggle, blush, blush). It’s not known just how much I love Bruce Springsteen. I’ve never seen the Boss live, but whether you watch him on television or in vids, or just listen to his music you just have to feel this guys music run thru your soul. The Boss and the E Street Band deliver energy across space and time, and all I can say is, “WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!” hehe

Front & center Coz Okelly delivers his Bruce Springsteen performance.

The Boss leads into Born in the USA

That’s Thor in his skeery looking hair, on keyboard

I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t get the deal with these tribute bands. Before the show started, one guy in the audience said, “Is this live?” And I’m proud to say that I was first to reply, “YES IT IS”. (hehe) Seriously, if you just let yourself recognize that this was a real Second Life concert you can have a blast.

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