Toga, Toga, Toga

Last night it was all togas at Merrymay Lorgsval 2nd Rez day party. I see her almost every Saturday night at Junkyard Blues. We are also Junkyard Blues Dreamgirls that’s our sorority of ladies “involved in and supportive of Junkyard Blues events, share news of great shopping opportunities and refrain from stealing each other’s men (without permission). This group does not refer to Dreamgirl IM chat as ‘spam.'” hehe

And wow, what a great idea, a toga party. This sure got the attention of a lot of her friends and fellow DGs, and with Miss Fiery spinning her special selection of tunes it was a great party. The guest list was long Magi & Alti, Kizzy & Kenn, Ellie & Derwin, Twink & Glenn, and many other couples plus Axe, Bard and Blu to name just a few. And shortly after the party began, Merry started dancing with Claudio.

Here’s Miss Fiery in the hottest togas since togas were invented.
Her music was great as always.
In the hubbub of all the dancing, I managed to snap this beautiful
photo of Merrymay. Happy Rez Day girlfriend.
Merry greets Claudio and his parrot.
The costumes were fun and the people were having a great time.

I even got a chance to cam under the guys skirts, I mean togas. I didn’t see any equipment underneath any of the first five I checked (yes, I was busy), so I gave up looking. I had a great time but had to leave just after Thor & Leanna arrived. I also know that Miss Luci & Strat and Gracee were heading to the party because we had a pre-party toga party at The Distillery. hehe.

Happy Rez Day Merrymay!

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