Deeper Into Kowloon

Aside from my adventures at Calas and the toga party, I’ve had to open up new doors and some of those have been beautiful, some crazy and some just weird. Let’s take weird first, have you ever seen the pictures of Kowloon? Well, Kowloon is at once a fascinating place with an elaborate Japanese style street markets with items that you just won’t find everywhere but it is also a place with dark seedy alleyways and things I doubt that you’ll find anywhere.

Here’s an overhead shot of the neon on the main drag in Kowloon.
And here’s a cute little shop I found.
Unfortunately, when I was in Kowloon there weren’t many people anywhere.
There are many seedy, dark winding alleys in Kowloon,
it’s really a maze in there and you can get lost quickly.
There is much more to tell about my visit to Kowloon, but I’ll save that for later
because I might have to go back there to finish it.

A few days have past from my first visit to Kowloon. But I recently returned. Many things happened while I was there, and I need to record some of the stranger happenings before they fade from memory, and start to seem unreal. When I left off in Saturday’s post, I was at the kiosk that served the boiled pigs feet. I was feeling vaguely ill at ease, even tho my human had tasted pickled pigs feet at her father’s hunting lodge in the Everglades.

Fortunately, my friend the vampire joined me at the kiosk.

I’ve mentioned this before but it is worth repeating, I don’t really know very much about vampires. I used to believe that they could not come out during the day, but that is only partly true. And of course, I know that if they bite you it can get really bad for you. But I’ve never known a vampire and I find that my dark friend has some kind of charm over me. And he seems to enjoy exploring, so I look forward to his visits.

Sin and I made our way thru the dark passageways of Kowloon,
and found ourselves in this room with a viewer stand.

I was first to start the viewer and as it took control of my view, I became alarmed and jumped out of it. But my friend viewed the machinima with it’s subtitles in Japanese. Then all of a sudden, Sin was gone. I looked for him and found that I was now trapped inside the room with the viewer. There was a steel screen door that had closed me in. Sin was in another room and he tp’d me in with him.

The second room had photos pasted everywhere and all writing in Japanese.
Still my vampire worked on the objects that were available to us, but
we were truly trapped in a quest leading from room to room.
Somehow Sin got us out of the quest and it’s maze of rooms, and we gathered ourselves briefly in the main market area.
Sin liked the dark, seedy passages of Kowloon and we continued exploring. Sometimes we got separated as we raced thru the alleys.

Every once in awhile we’d encounter another person scurrying by. No one exchanged greetings, it was that kind of place. I wondered if there were even more mysterious things going on there or were the other people just as lost as I was.

There were quaint shops and I was tempted to shop.
And there were weird little shops with toilets, urinals and such.
Then at the edge of the city, we came upon a temple.

The truth is, we didn’t spend a great deal of time in Kowloon. But I found the exploring to be truly intriguing, and filled with mystery. I’d like to go back to that machinima room and figure out what was happening, but that will be for another day. And there is even more to this story. Eventually, we made our way back to the main market area again, and it was there that my dark friend began weaving his spell on me again. I won’t reveal what happened, but no, he didn’t bite me. I’ll try to finish this story soon, but there is so much more to be done.

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