Zoe Connolly’s Time Tunnel

I discovered Zoe Connolly when I joined the Second Life Bloggers, among other interesting things, she was the founder of that group. Naturally, she has a blog, actually several blogs and I began tuning into what I believe is her main blog Zoe Connolly :: metaverse time traveler. That’s where I discovered the Reise adventure series, which I found to be totally cool and still recommend it. And more recently, I began tuning into something new that she’s been doing, the TimeForce10 adventure serial.

I was a bit late in becoming a regular but when Zoe took the adventure into a video format, I became totally fascinated. You can start with the first vid, but for a really cool introduction you should get started with TimeForce10 in World War 2. You really should check this out.

Ok, I’ve been seeing the drama unfold around the TF10 Time Tunnel and Zoe has mentioned on several occasions that it’s ok to beam in and check it out. So, last night I finally did.

When I arrived I was a bit overwhelmed by the tunnel and consoles,
so I just took a seat at the main station and poked around.
After a short while, someone beamed in, it was a raven haired Zoe herself.

I was a bit nervous when Zoe arrived because I’ve seen some gruesome scenes here in at the tunnel portal, like a bloody body in the Dead Drop episode. But after a few minutes I was pretty sure I’d be safe but I was still reluctant to tryout the tunnel. So, Zoe explained how it works and eventually I took a chance and zoomed thru to her private residence and landed in the same time frame I had left. So, my first experience in the time tunnel was uneventful.

In chatting with Zoe, she talked about future productions and asked if I’d be interested in being an extra in one of the episodes. Wow, I thought that would be great so told her to sign me up. (This is so typical of me isn’t it, plunging into something I know nothing about. *giggles*) So, while I was just sort of pussyfooting into the world of TimeForce10 time travel, maybe you’ll see your ever luvin’ Second Life socialite peeking out of the corner of some future episode. hehe

Oh, and while we where chatting I mentioned that I hadn’t seen anything like these vid serials in other SL blogs, and Zoe felt that this was true too. Of course, many people are putting up vids and full blown machinima, but this is new, unique and fun.

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