Hosting for Miss Saturday Night

A friend of mine put hosting at Junkyard Blues into perspective for me once, he said, “It makes you somebody.” I think he meant that it makes you someone people remember, and think of as “their host.” I used to point this “their hostess” thing to other hostesses when I was training them for Magi’s clubs. So, hosting for Miss Luci has been an honor for me because I get a chance to be the hostess for so many people. Hey, tell me if I’ve got this wrong.

And last night, Luci put on her hot reds and cooked up one of the best bluesy sets all year. It was about L O V E and I mean all kinds of love, love gone right, love gone bad, beat love, square love, silent love, hopeless love, Luv and Love. I’m getting close to my second (2nd) full year of Saturday nights at the Miss Luci show and I only began hosting this year. I go to the show each week because there is no place I like better on a Saturday night, and it all starts with the unique sets Luci spins each week.

I started calling her “Miss Saturday Night” and she is All-That.

Miss Luci, “blues is her bizness and bizzness is good.” Btw, that’s me back-right and Tak behind me (/me waves)

I hope people who come to the show know what a great, kind hearted woman Miss Luci is and I hope her colleagues realize just how unique each of her sets are each week. I’m proud to be on Luci’s posse with Miss Gracee and the Strat-man. We LOVE you Miss Luci.

P.S. Junkyard Blues hostess work as volunteers and do not expect to be tipped, and there are lines of us waiting to volunteer to be hostess. That should tell you something about this club.

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