Na’vi Hawpanyu Orientation

On Tuesday I attended the Hawpanyu (Healer) orientation meeting near Hometree on Pandora. It was a simple session to decide if I wanted to enter the apprentice training and join the healer clan.

The key to understanding the Na’vi healer is, “Healers hold the spiritual principle, which is: Oe ska’a-yu ke lu — ‘I am not a destroyer’ or ‘I do not destroy life.'”

In the evening, Tak and I chatted about the direction we are heading with our Na’vi roleplay and I find myself moving closer to understanding the role I will play.

Soon, I need to devise a means of presenting my roleplay posts. I’m considering creating a separate blog, but I’d really prefer to blend my roleplay into the original purpose of this blog, basically this blog being a record of my adventures and misadventures.

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I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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