Totally Immersed & Emersed

Sunday! Glorious Sunday!

Today started with Tak & me engaged in one my favorite immersive activities, golfing at Green Acres Golf Course. Later this evening I found myself emersed (yuk, yuk) from another immersive experience in the deep virtual seas (more on this later). In between there was a lot of great stuff too, like I managed to sink my 21′ Trudeau Knockabout Somebody’s Baby (again) as I was showing Tak what a skilled sailorgirl I am.

Yeah, I sank the Baby again and still have no idea how, other than hitting a gnarly sim crossing. Skeery things just seemed to happen, then I lost control of the ship and we ended up at the bottom of the sea (but this is different from the “deep virtual sea” I was talking a second ago), then the ship went sailing into the clear blue sky and then plunged into the deep dark virtual sea.

I know, all that was confusing but what happened is, we ended up at the bottom of the sea twice (and if you count the times Tak fished me out of the water while golfing, it was about five or six times). Naturally, I got some photos of everything except the sinking of boat.

Here’s Tak putting some fire into that that darned golf ball, but…
This day would finally be mine with a 3 under par 32 on the front nine.

If Sunday was just about hanging with Tak, playing golf and sinking Somebody’s baby, it would have been a fun day, period. But we even headed over to Junkyard Blues for Doc’s show and Magi was there, so that was great too. And while Tak’s human dragged him off to run errands for a couple of hours, I went shopping and spent most of the remainder of my September allotment of Lindens. /me smiles foolishly

All of that would be a great day in the Second Life I’d come to know in the past, but Tak continues to bring a variety of experiences to my life that surprise and delight. (I love you baby.) And tonight Tak outdid himself, suggesting that we go scuba diving. I’d never been and don’t think I know anyone who has, so I said yeah and we headed to JDC Dive Charters. JDC is very cool, checkout the website too.

To be truthful, I was apprehensive when I saw all the scuba equipment and instructions. I had immediate sense of overwhelm, but between Tak who’d done this before and our dive instructor Beau Twine, my confidence moved up quickly.

Toward the end of evening, Tak asked if I’d ever been scuba diving and I hadn’t.
Well, I had spent a lot of time underwater playing golf.
But here’s the truth, even tho I look funny (btw, you can rent gear for free),
I swear to you scuba diving in SL is beautiful and thrilling.
Here we are deep underwater, cruising around in that glorious watery world
that is the ocean, an immersive experience created with loving care.
chYeah! Of course I ride loggerhead turtles. /yeehaa
And sunken ships? Of course. We even went inside one where it’s really skeery.
Beau said that owner Jester Doobie even does boat charters.

In a way, Sunday was a day that seemed to have Tak & I headed toward the bottom of the sea. hehe. And I’m sure I will be going back there again and again in the future. So, I bought a pinky, girly scuba suit with tanks and everything.

Here’s what I’m wondering. Is it true that there are 30,000 sims in Second Life? That’s what I’ve heard. And that’s a lot of sims for only a couple hundred thousand active residents. But here’s what I’m wondering, if only 1% of those sims are of the calibre of JDC Dive Charters or Green Acres or any of the exceptional, entertaining places in SL (and I’m thinking there are many more than 1%), then SL should be an amazing entertainment. This is where all the issues can be raised and I’m one who has done my share of raising issues, but I’m just saying if you haven’t exploreD SL lately you are really in no better position to judge what it is than those developers a lot of us (me too) beleive have only token interaction with the real SL.

Just my two cents.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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2 Responses to Totally Immersed & Emersed

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    Thanks Beau, the thing is, you guys have a truly realistic envirnoment there. I think everyone should take a visit and enjoy the experience. I'm serious, it's places like JDC that make SL amazing. I think of these places as hidden assets in Second Life. I do what I can to get the word out. Tak and I will be back soon. tc


  2. Beau Twine says:

    thanks Yordie…you described us to perfection


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