Catch A Wave

The truth is, there are a lot of things I’ve never done in Second Life. Like a lot of people I go from periods of exploration into periods of settling down to routine. I’ve probably got a track record as good as most when it comes to exploring new things, but since getting to know Tak I’m learning about so many cool things I’ve never done before. Last night it was surfing at Neart!

Altho I didn’t have any SL surfing experience, I had done some RL bogey board.
It didn’t take long before the waves surged and we were surfing.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch any photos while I was surfing.

Looking back on our whirlwind, Tak and me, we’ve spent a lot of time by the sea. That first night we stood overlooking the seas at Calas Galadhon. The day we spent wind sailing at Bora. The week we spent about the SS Galaxy, jet skiing and carrying on. The times Tak spent fishing me out of the ocean at Green Acres when my golf ball when sailing into the many many water hazards. /me smiles The wonderful scuba diving at JDC Diving. The terrifying day when we sank Somebody’s Baby off the coast of Junkyard Blues. (well, I guess I sunk the Baby, actually.)

This is the only photo I shot the day we went wind sailing at Bora Bora Bora.

And last night we had an amazing day of surfing (Tak said I did really good). Oh, and last night after surfing, I took Tak on a sail around the Junkyard’s outer islands but hit the mother of all sim crossings and sailed the Baby right into DJ Fiery Otaared’s set and thru the dance floor (I never did find the Baby this time… hehe… it’s copyable tho). Sorry, Mama Fi, sorry Kiff & Dina, sorry everybody. /me emotes a silly looking embarrassment

I have a feeling that Tak and I will be spending more time at the sea in the coming days and weeks and years. Oh, and if you haven’t spent much time on the bottom of the seas around Junkyard Blues I think you should get some scuba gear or a swim HUD and check it out. I’ll be writing more about this in the future, but Kiff has put some real effort into making the seas as amazing as The Yard and environs (checkout the photos of all the outer islands on the JY website).

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