The Stratman @ Junkyard Blues

Last night there was no Miss Luci Show at Junkyard Blues, and for those who are keeping count that’s the first time in over two years. Yes, Miss Luci has performed every Saturday, every single one for over two years. The only reason she couldn’t perform is that she was out of town, and HEY, she’s entitled to a bye in my book. In fact, although I pride myself in having attended her Saturday night shows for about two years and nine months, I have several gaps where I missed the show, even after became one of her hosts. So, I hope you enjoyed your time away and we missed you Miss Luci.

Otoh… Luci didn’t leave us hanging. Oh no! She asked her partner Straton “Strat” Tigerpaw to fill in for her, and even though Strat was “as nervous as nervous can be, I must say” (remember that line from SNL past?), he delivered the goods with a great show featuring his own special brand of rockin’ blues. Way to go Stratman! Luci’s posse was there of course, Gracee and me, but also Sailin & Spicey joined in, and a whole bunch of the Dreamgirls were there too including Gala, Magi, Leanna, Twink, Merry and I know I missed someone, so I’m sorry girlfriends but I was struggling to find dances on my dance HUD that didn’t make the guys on it look goofy. hehe

Here’s Gracee, me, Strat and Gala forming up before the show.

There he is, The Stratman, rockin’ and spinnin’ the blues.

Darned fine set! Darned good job Strat!

Ok, ok, ok, several friends wondered why Tak and I weren’t dancing together during the show, but it’s been my policy from day one not to dance with anyone while hosting at the Junkyard. Nonetheless, after endless coaxing, I succumbed to peer pressure (just this once) toward the end of the show, and Tak & I dance to the close. I suppose my policy is confusing to some but, simply put I want our JY guests to feel I am their hostess during the show. Ask Leanna, she can tell you about my theory of how regular guests start to feel that you are their host when they come to the show. And in the past, I felt that when I paired up to dance, I was taking away from the guests sense that I’m there for them, this goes back to my days at Magi’s. I know some will say, “what is she talking about?” But it’s just the way I do it, doesn’t make it right or wrong.

Here’s me and Taka dancin’ and prancin’.

Anyway you want to look at it and despite Strat’s nervousness, he did a great job spinning and entertaining on Saturday night and he’s made it into “the big time.” hehe Love ya’ Strat!

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