Fiery Otaared’s Formal @ Junkyard Blues

DJ Fiery “Mama Fi” Otaared is one of the best bluesy DJ on the grid, and her Sunday night shows at Junkyard Blues are always a good way to get your mind right for the coming week. But last night was one of those magic nights and it all started with a notice out on the Dreamgirl network (that’s the 80 woman strong Junkyard Blues Dreamgirl group’s IM).

The word went out that it was going to be a formal evening in our junkyard wonderland, and when I asked what the occasion was, well, it was just because there was a growing consensus that we girls wanted to dress pretty. Yeah! So, I was all in and Tak thought it would be great and here’s what happened. The response was so huge with DGs and Dawgs from all over the grid, Dina had to reboot the sim. Ntl, we all returned and the party began.

Fiery took the stage, lit her fire and opened the show with a set of dreamy, romantic songs that had my heart melting and Tak melting all around me. But Fiery didn’t just play music, she orchestrated us into the most romantic evening at the JY I can remember.
Beautiful ladies in stunning gowns, coupled with handsome charming men made their way to the dance floor and filled the night with color.
Luci returned from her trip to join her partner, JY’s newest DJ, Straton (center).
And yes, I was there in my new dress (plus black hair & red lipstick… very daring for me) with the man of my life, Tak.
And oh my, oh my, oh my, there were kisses. /me smiles

A lot of people don’t quite get our Junkyard Blues. Yeah, it’s called the Junkyard but there are over 2,000 in our group and we have the best core of bluesy DJs in Second Life. There’s a lot of friendship in this group of Dawgs (that’s what we call ourselves), and there’s humor, and oh how we carry on sometimes. hehe And on a night like last night, there is romance. Thank you Kiff & Dina for making last night’s formal possible, and wow Miss Fiery, thank you for doing what you do! I’m still humming those tunes this morning. Hugs girlfriend.

Oh! And there is some rumbling that this formal evening might become a tradition. /me holds her breath and makes a wish

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