Hart & Ayn’s Haunted Castle

It’s that time again. And I know from secret communications that Hart & Ayn have been working hard to outdo last year’s super haunted house with this year’s haunted castle. I call it a castle because it sure doesn’t look like any house I’ve ever been to. I slipped in for a sneak preview today and all I’ll say is if you can make it through the network of spinning barrels without being a little disoriented your sense of immersion isn’t working. hehe

Like I said, it’s no house like I’d ever visited.
Deep inside the horror chamber, I came upon a mortgage banker picking over the remains of a bankrupt homeowner, and things got really skeery.

I think Halloween is one of the best events in all of Second Life, so slink on over to Hart & Ayn’s AHA! Designs 2010 Haunted House and have some Halloween fun.

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