That Na’vi Feeling

Ok, this whole Na’vi roleplay thing is turning out to be a little bit more complicated than I thought. Last night Tak and I went over to Pegases and began exploring our new Na’vi home. So far so good. And as we explored we came upon a comfortable cave that must have been the home of many of The People. So, we sat and meditated and considered how we came to be together in that land.

Tak & me inside the Na’vi clan’s cave, meditating.

Then Tak asked me a simple question about what I see as a healer and of course I saw many beautiful herbs and plants and trees, all of with had medicinal properties but I didn’t know the name of any of them.

After we left the cave, we wandered deeper into the forest and saw several animals including an ikran (mountain banshee). Unfortunately, the ikran was the only animal I could identify. One other thing complicated our quest to become part of this Na’vi clan, there were no people there. I know that there are quite a few people in the clans that live on Pegases, but the seem to be there mostly during the day.

I think Tak and I can figure out our histories. And I’m sure we can learn the ways of this clan. But this will be far more difficult than we had originally thought. One thing that Tak pointed out is, there does not appear to be any quests or things for us to discover. I suspect that this will change as we become active members of a clan, but for now we are on our own.

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