Halloween Fever

I haven’t blogged in six days and lawdy, lawdy I have so many Halloween parties to report on.

Last Sunday, there was a Second Life Bloggers Halloween Party hosted by Brinda Allen at Benares Estates. Tak & I went in our full-fashioned Na’vi gear and there was a prize for best costumes, and guess what! Yes, we won. It was a total surprise and thanks to Tymmarie Thorne for judging.

That’s Tak & me shaking our Na’vi butts and tails. Yay for The People!

Later that evening, we made our way of to Blackhearts where they were having a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. So, we got all pink and Tak even put on a tail. We danced and pranced and carried on, and contributed my prize money to the pot. While we where there the pot exceeded their L$100,000 goal. Yay!

I put on everything I had that was pink including some strawberry pink hair. Tak put on the pink tank I bought for him and some BCA pants.

On Saturday night, it wasn’t like a dressup/costume night at Junkyard Blues but I figured, what the heck. So, in a flash I hopped into my Dorothy costume and headed to my gig with Luci. Well, when Tak heard I was wearing my Dorothy he raced over to a store we’d been looking at with a great Lion outfit. So, yeah, it was Dorothy with the Lion at the Yard.

That’s me in my Dorothy and Tak with his cute tail. hehe
And that’s Tak getting down in his lion threads!

Then came Monday and some of the dry winds that seem to make my human sick, and she was out of it for a couple days. However, on Tuesday night she made a comeback and so I was able to make my way back inworld to go visit Thor’s exhibit at the Dreams sim. As usual, Thor had the best exhibit but the following pictures cannot do justice to the experience.

Here’s Tak & me, Leanna & Thor just outside Thor’s cave of horror. hehe
Ok, fair enough, there was a sign that said, “do not touch”. Yeah, that’s me in the mouth of that thing but believe me the actual experience was much worse.
I thought my hunny had better sense than to push the button, but he didn’t and that’s him in there getting chomped by that thing.
Then there was this spider web and Tak really enjoyed this one. hehe
And sure enough, Leanna got caught in the web too. /me wonders if Thor enjoyed this as much as Tak enjoyed seeing me up there?

Then it was Wednesday night. And yes, there was Tymmarie Thorne’s annual Halloween party and yes, Tak and I headed over there in yet another set of costumes. This time I went as undead Dorothy and Tak went as the Not-Cowardly Lion. yuk, yuk.

That’s Tak and me at the left, notice the pasty undead skin on the lovely Dorothy.

So, Halloween is rolling through Second Life with a vengeance. Isn’t it true, Halloween is the official Second Life National Holiday? Oh yes, I think it is. Like last year I had more stories about Halloween than any other activity. And here’s the great part of this deal, there are three more days of this with Luci’s, Junkyard Blues’, Laura’s, Aynnie’s and Magi’s parties yet to come. I swear, I love SL Halloween.

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